Know us

Who we are:

DELIA” by Satsumi Farms LLP is a family owned, precision agriculture venture committed to a healthier you! Our 10 acre farm is located in Faridabad, Haryana. Conceptualized and implemented after years of research, we are run by experienced professionals with a passion for pure, healthy and traceable produce.

What we do:

We grow crops all year round using modern, precision, soil-less Hydroponic techniques in our state of the art, climate controlled greenhouses. We also grow Certified Organic seasonal crops in the open field using sustainable, modern, drip irrigation and precision agriculture techniques. All our plants are fed tailor made dosage of purified potable water enriched with water soluble nutrients through our computerized fertigation machine. This ensures our plants thrive and produce highly nutritious fruits and vegetables which exceed global food safety standards.

Our commitment:

Residue-Free – free of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and other harmful chemicals

Non GMO – no genetically modified seeds used

Hygienically grown – follow global agricultural hygiene standards

Nutritious produce – filled with healthy goodness and grown with love for you

Balanced use of nutrients – use only as much as the plant requires

Traceability – trace the crops journey from a tiny seed till it is harvested

Water conservation – up to 80% less water used as compared to conventional farming

Environmentally friendly – nett. negative carbon footprint

Sustainability – use of sustainable, environmentally friendly farming methods and packaging materials

Professionally run – our team of qualified professionals have wide ranging experience, from growing the cleanest and healthiest produce to managing overall operations across multiple industries

Equal opportunity – we employ an ethnic and gender diverse workforce 

Our mission:

To provide you with the purest, freshest, healthiest, certified organic produce and unique indigenous Agri-produce all year round.

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